Distance Learning Courses & Setting Goals

If you want to make changes and accomplish tasks in any area of your life, one of the most effective ways to do so is setting goals. You can combine both short and long-term goals but give yourself enough time to achieve them. Some goals take only days to achieve while others take a longer period, like from a few months to a year. What is important is not the time frame but the clearly defined goals that you are targeting to achieve.

It is important to write down your goals detailing it to the last bit of information that you can muster. Be as precise as possible using terms that are easily evaluated and identified.
For example:

  • To learn a new job skill. (This is a general goal and not precise!)

Instead, write something like:

Notice the big difference between the two goals? The second example identifies a career area (by indicating the course) and time frame (12 months). This is a well-written goal since you can quantify and determine after a time period if you are keeping up with your set goal. It is essential to write your goal on a piece of paper and place it where you can see it often. You may also add a picture from a magazine that best represent your goal, like a person in office attire or the car that you want to drive as you go to your work every day.

Next step is to break down your goal into small components or what is also called defining your objectives. Write it down and itemize the steps that you’re going to take in order to achieve your goal.
Here’s an example:

Steps to completing your course via distance learning

  • Gather information on the courses available
  • Pick a course and enrol
  • Set aside regular time each week for study sessions
  • Keep self motivated to concentrate better in each study period
  • Focus on the lessons and learn
  • Read regularly to retain more information and improve comprehension
  • Review the Reading Assignment before answering the Achievement Examination questions
  • Make sure to prepare for the next lesson. Each lesson completed brings me closer to earning the diploma that I want.
  • Follow school policies and pay tuition on time to avoid delays in learning and disruption of course schedule.

Post your big goal and the objectives in a place where you can see them every day. Put an accompanying picture to represent your goal. This will help you focus on your goal and also train your subconscious mind to record your objectives which in turn will make it easier for you to achieve them.

The positive energy and enthusiasm in achieving your goal can help you reach it according to plan.

The reason for breaking down your goal into small steps is to make it more manageable. A big goal can be overwhelming at first but as you lay the step-by-step methods on how to achieve it, it becomes easier to accomplish.

When you practice this habit, you can then use it in other areas of your life and soon, you can see that one by one, your goals are getting fulfilled. Setting goals is a form of planning. It is like anticipating a good thing happening to you so you better get yourself ready for it.

You can also use inspirational sayings such as the following:

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else.”


“It’s important to plan your work and then work your plan.”

The International Career Institute offers over 50 courses in a variety of career disciplines. Use goal setting tactics to ensure you complete the distance learning course you choose to study.

Why take up Distance Learning?

In a modern world where everything is constantly evolving and getting more fast-paced, one can definitely conclude that much has changed with how we all live our lives and perceive it. Not so with education. Decades may have passed since the value of education started to boom, but this much remains true– the right level of education is still the main tool for propelling individuals into financial and personal success and prosperity.

We all want to find the time and the means to get ahead and further our educational attainment. For corporate professionals, extra college courses or even taking up their Masters can definitely aide them in getting their desired career boost. For hobbyists and business enthusiasts, the right workshop or short courses can help them turn revolutionary ideas into lucrative business endeavors. However, in a time where everything is more fast-paced and time-consuming, it can get incredibly daunting and intimidating for some to have to actually travel and  attend classes in a classroom setting. So daunting, in fact, that it hinders a lot of individuals from moving forward with their aspirations for higher knowledge.

This is where distance learning serves as the perfect solution. Having been successfully established and practiced for centuries, this method of education has truly helped numerous individuals with the thirst for education, but with limited ability and time for the physical education set-up, to go further in life. And with ease of communication through technology, distance learning is positioned to be at the forefront when it comes to education in the near future.

We at the International Career Institute (ICI) truly believe in the power of distance learning in providing individuals the most important skills in their day-to-day careers. With our esteemed pool of tutors and our competent support staff, we have successfully produced graduates who have become, or continue to be, key players in their field.

Wondering if distance learning is the right path for you? Here’s some of the key points that you should consider:

1) Choose your own learning adventure

Not so computer savvy yourself? No need to fret, as distance learning institutions offer very flexible methods for their exchange of information between the instructors and students. Delivery methods can vary from correspondence (by mail), online studies (by email). With ICI, we let YOU decide and control your learning path. Whatever your lifestyle preferences are, distance learning can cater to your need for education in the method you see fit.

2) You can have as much support  as on-site students

A lot of people have the misconception that the learning experience for distance learning students isn’t as paramount as on-site students because of the lack of physical interaction. But the truth of the matter is, it is very much the same, perhaps even more at times. ICI’s friendly pool of Student Advisors are readily on call via both online and the phone, to provide you support whenever it is needed.

3) The flexibility is incomparable

Another popular misconception is that distance learning “cuts off” a person from his/her social circuit. On the contrary, with the fact being that the student can take the course wherever, whenever, then this definitely allows the student a lot of flexibility and spares the student from having to re-adjust to another environment. Distance learning need not be taken in the confines of one’s room. With open times for learning, you can be sure that this education method will definitely not cramp your style.

4) Distance learning saves you a lot of money

Another benefit that goes along with distance learning is the fact that it can spare you from a lot of  miscellaneous expenditures. Without the need to physically leave for class, then you are spared of potential transportation, housing and food costs that most on-campus students have to shell out for.  And with studying time fully dictated and paced by you, distance learning shouldn’t conflict with your regular day job/business opportunities. At ICI, we have customized weekly and monthly interest-free payments, to make your education go easy on your pocket.

With obvious benefits outweighing all possible cons, distance learning has proven time and time again that it is a cost-efficient, time-saving and effective way to study. Go ahead and look into the perfect course for you today only at the International Career Institute!