The 20 Best Australian Job and Career Sites

Best Australian Job and Career Sites

Looking for a job? Whether you’re trying to find a job while studying or after completing anICI course or university degree, the Internet is your best resource for job seeking and career development. You can look for jobs in various industries on many d...Read more

What Qualifications Do You Need To Become A Hairdresser?

Ici - Become A Hairdresser

Hairdressing is an exciting industry – you get to meet different people, work around the world, and choose from a range of different career paths like salon, fashion, stage, glamour photography, TV or film. Hairdressing is a fast-growing industry, with ...Read more

What Does A Career In Web Design Involve?

Web designers are at the forefront of how we interact with the Internet in our daily lives – for example when we gather information, shop, find directions, and meet friends. A long and successful career in web design requires a blend of artistic talent,...Read more

11 Skills you Need for a Career in Public Relations and Media

ICI - Career-in-Public-Relations-and-Media

1. Honesty In public relations, your reputation is key. Being upfront, honest and sticking to your core values in your working life will not only help you sleep better at night but enhance your networks and the quality of your work. Alternative facts, spi...Read more

7 Soft Skills that Make You Extremely Employable


While in order to get a job, you’ll most likely need to have a qualification or relevant experience in a certain field, that’s not all your potential employee is looking for. You’ll also need to wow them with your personality traits and soft skills,...Read more

7 Jobs for People with Creative Minds


Contrary to what people may think, a career in a creative industry can actually be very lucrative and stable. It’s all about having the right skillset and trying to fit your career into the digital world – a space that virtually every company has a pr...Read more

11 Reasons to Pursue Your Dream Career Instead of Working 9-5

ICI - Pursue Your Dream Career

Can’t stand the 9-5 grind? Although taking that leap to pursue your passion can be daunting, here’s 11 reasons why you need to face your fear and do it anyway. 1. You control your life No managers, no company policy, no disastrous office Chris...Read more

How to Start your Career in International Trade in 2018

ICI - Career-in-International-Trade-in-2018

Global trade is booming. Want to be part of that wave? Start your career in Importing and exporting in 2018 and discover your dream job. Why international trade is the career you want Just about every country in the world engages in international trade. I...Read more

11 Great Career Opportunities from Studying Horticulture

Ici - Opportunities from Studying Horticulture

Studying horticulture creates a world potential for every nature lover in search of a career. Plants are one of the most important organisms in our world. We eat them, we grow them, we use them for ornamentation and even medecine. Discover some of the bes...Read more

How to Set Up your Own Floristry Business

Ici - Set Up your Own Floristry Business

Opening your own floristry business is a rewarding experience where you can express your creativity and bring joy to people every day. In this article we look at some of the tips and tricks that will make starting your business easier, so you can focus on...Read more