Skills Needed to Become a Teacher’s Aide

Supervising children

A teacher’s aide is responsible for the physical and psychological wellbeing of students. Children love to play, have fun and explore, and it takes a caring, responsible adult to help them enjoy the process of growing up.

According to research, children as young as three years old discover the process of expressing themselves, and start gaining more control over their expressions. And by the age of five, children start recognising that their parents have emotions of their own.

Dealing with growing children who are discovering self control and coming to terms with emotions is an exciting responsibility. Employers look for people with appropriate skills to enrich learning in children, and a Teacher’s Aide Diploma from ICI would stand you in good stead.

Enforcing rules and policies

A major chunk of your time as a teacher’s aide will be devoted to interacting with students in classrooms.

A teacher’s aide is committed to helping students mature into adults fully capable of facing the complex challenges of the real world. This involves the ability to manage student interactions in a productive and engaging manner.

A qualified teacher’s aide is expected to have the right kind of skills and personality that motivate students to embrace learning. These include having the patience to deal with the inquisitive mind, having a calm demeanour to reassure children that they are on the right track, and the ability to comprehend and explain complex pieces of information in a way that satisfies students’ curiosity.

Some of the personality traits that successful teacher’s aides share include creativity, responsibility, responsiveness, being supportive, and having a friendly disposition that encourages active discussion and student engagement.

Providing personalised student support

Students tend to have various interests and abilities. Not all students would have similar capacity to learn all subjects with equal fervour and follow instructions, because their aptitudes and inclinations tend to vary.

It is the responsibility of the teacher’s aide to reinforce instructions to students and make them follow rules and procedures. Further, the teacher’s aide is also expected to answer student questions in a calm and reassuring manner, making students feel comfortable in their presence.

Technology is an integral part of the student learning experience today. Initiatives such as Digital Citizenship are designed to equip students, teachers and parents with the required skills to stay updated with changes in technology. The teacher’s aide need to keep abreast of the latest developments in classroom learning technology, to help teachers and students fulfil their responsibilities to the best of their abilities.

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